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Eric Feigl-Ding · @DrEricDing. ·. Jan 25, 2021. The “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD” tweet was exactly 1 year ago today. For those who have been with me this past year, …

Eric Feigl-Ding – Wikipedia

Eric Liang Feigl-Ding (born March 28, 1983) is an American public health scientist who is currently an epidemiologist and Chief of COVID Task Force at the …

Eric Feigl-Ding is Good at Twitter – Science+Story

Eric Feigl-Ding is Good at Twitter : Science+Story

1. dec. 2020 — Eric Feigl-Ding is good at Twitter because he gives Twitter something Twitter and the world reward. Instead of complaining, we might continue to …

The Harvard-trained epidemiologist’s tweets during COVID-19 have a lot of critics. That says more about science than it does Feigl-Ding.

Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming

Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming – Robert W. Malone – Google Bøger

25. nov. 2020 — This whirlwind tour through viral Covid-19 themes felt like the conversational equivalent of Feigl-Ding’s Twitter account, which has grown …

A WALL STREET JOURNALNATIONAL BESTSELLER*AS SEEN ON TUCKER CARLSON TODAY AND THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE*A guide for the times—breaking down the lies about COVID-19 and shedding light on why we came to believe them.    When he invented the original mRNA vaccine technology as a medical and graduate student in the late 1980s, Robert Malone could not have imagined that he would become a leader in a movement to expose the dangers of mRNA vaccines that billions of people have received—too often without being informed of the risks.   For voicing opposition to the “mainstream” narrative, Dr. Robert Malone was censored by Big Tech and vilified by the media. But he continues to speak out and alert the world to the web of lies that we have all experienced. From vaccine safety and effectiveness to early treatments like ivermectin, to lockdowns, masks, and more, Dr. Malone is the signature dissident voice telling the other side of the story about COVID, the role of corporate media, censorship, propaganda, and the brave new world of transhumanism promoted by the World Economic Forum and its acolytes.   What effect did the COVID policies have on lives, livelihoods, and democracies? How is it possible that the lies spread by governments would persist, and that our institutions would fail to correct them? Lies My Gov’t Told Me takes a hard look at these questions and illustrates how data, information, and psychology have been distorted during the pandemic.    Governments intentionally weaponized fear to mold behavior. The media smeared anyone who objected to the narrative. And Big Pharma—aligned with larger globalist interests exemplified by the likes of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum—had captured the agencies that are supposed to regulate it long before the pandemic began. Dr. Malone explores these perverse connections between Pharma, government, and media, and tells us what can be done about it.   With contributed chapters from other leading thinkers, such as Dr. Paul Marik and Professor Mattias Desmet, and drawing upon history, psychology, and economics, Lies My Gov’t Told Me looks at COVID from numerous angles. Never satisfied with a simple answer or easy solution, Dr. Malone proposes multiple action plans for a better future.   Dr. Malone calls on each of us to find our own solutions, our own ways to resist the control of fascist, corporatist, and totalitarian overlords. If we are to step out of the darkness—toward a world that defends the principles of the Constitution, upholds individual rights, and honors free speech—we all must play a part in the transition.  

Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates

Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates – Ian Miller – Google Bøger

Masks have been a ubiquitous and oft-politicized aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Years of painstakingly organized pre-pandemic planning documents led public health experts to initially discourage the use of masks, or even insinuate that they could lead to increased rates of spread.Yet seemingly in a matter of days in spring 2020, leading infectious disease scientists and organizations reversed their previous positions and recommended masking as the key tool to slow the spread of COVID and dramatically reduce infections.Unmasked tells the story of how effective or ineffective masks and mask mandate policies were in impacting the trajectory of the pandemic throughout the world.Author Ian Miller covers the earliest days of the pandemic, from experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicting their previous statements and recommending masks as the most important policy intervention against the spread of COVID, to the months afterward as many locations around the globe mandated masks in nearly all public settings.With easy-to-understand charts and visual aids, along with detailed, clear explanations of the dramatic shift in policy and expectations, Unmasked makes the data-driven case that masks might not have achieved the goals that Fauci and other public health experts created.

Die DNA der USA: Wie tickt Amerika? – Resultat for Google Books

Die DNA der USA: Wie tickt Amerika? – Sandra Navidi – Google Bøger

Amerika durchlebt ein epochales Gesellschaftsbeben. Mit faschistischen Methoden versuchen die Republikaner, die Demokratie zu kapern und eine autokratische Herrschaft zu etablieren: Sie befeuern die militante Spaltung der Gesellschaft, fördern einen Führerkult, rufen zu Gewalt auf und erschaffen mittels Propaganda eine fiktive Realität. Dabei kooperieren sie mit verschiedenen radikalen Gruppierungen wie extremistischen Christen, Verschwörungstheoretikern und Milizen. Ihr nächster Putschversuch läuft bereits auf Hochtouren. Zahlreiche demokratische Kontrollmechanismen haben sie bereits sabotiert – wie den Supreme Court, den sie de facto »übernommen« haben. Wie es so weit kommen konnte, erläutert Sandra Navidi, die seit über einem Vierteljahrhundert in den USA lebt und auf höchster Ebene vernetzt ist. Höchst aufschlussreich benennt und analysiert sie genau die Aspekte der amerikanischen Geschichte, Kultur und Weltanschauung, die dazu geführt haben, dass viele Amerikaner so anfällig für Desinformation, Propaganda und Extremismus sind. Aus ihrer transatlantischen Perspektive erläutert sie die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge des Kulturkrieges, des Erstarkens der Rechtsradikalen, des religiösen Fundamentalismus und des Waffenkults. Wie groß die Gefahr eines Bürgerkriegs ist und ob Amerika in den Faschismus taumelt, das erfahren Sie in diesem Buch. *** Amerika – die Supermacht, die sich als außergewöhnlich und unverzichtbar erachtet, ist immer noch das beliebteste Einwanderungsland und die stärkste Wirtschaftsmacht der Welt. Wie ist es möglich, dass eine Nation trotz des großen Potenzials seiner Menschen und seiner vielfältigen Stärken so nah an den gesellschaftlichen und politischen Abgrund geraten ist? Besser als jeder andere analysiert und erklärt die in New York ansässige Juristin und Wirtschaftsexpertin aus ihrer Insiderperspektive die Stellschrauben des Systems, die der Grund dafür sind, dass Amerika in eine existenzielle Krise gestürzt ist. Die DNA der USA ist ein tiefgründiges Porträt einer komplexen Nation.

Routledge Handbook of Law and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Routledge Handbook of Law and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Google Bøger

The COVID-19 pandemic not only ravaged human bodies but also had profound and possibly enduring effects on the health of political and legal systems, economies and societies. Almost overnight, governments imposed the severest restrictions in modern times on rights and freedoms, elections, parliaments and courts. Legal and political institutions struggled to adapt, creating a catalyst for democratic decline and catastrophic increases in poverty and inequality. This handbook analyses the global pandemic response through five themes: governance and democracy; human rights; the rule of law; science, public trust and decision making; and states of emergency and exception. Containing 12 thematic commentaries and 25 chapters on countries of diverse size, wealth and experience of COVID-19, it represents the combined effort of more than 50 contributors, including leading scholars and rising voices in the fields of constitutional, international, public health, human rights and comparative law, as well as political science, and science and technology studies. Taking stock after the onset of global emergency, this book provides essential analysis for politicians, policy-makers, jurists, civil society organisations, academics, students and practitioners at both national and international level on the best, and most concerning, practices adopted in response to COVID-19 – and key insights into how states and multilateral institutions should reform, adapt and prepare for future emergencies.

Covid’s Cassandra: The Swift, Complicated Rise of Eric Feigl …

Covid’s Cassandra: The Swift, Complicated Rise of Eric Feigl-Ding

The scientist has gained popularity as Covid’s excitable play-by-play announcer. But some experts want to pull his plug.

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